USDJPY approaching BIG 148 Intervention level. Will BOJ act?
Sep 14, 2022


USDJPY approaching big 148 intervention level, where BOJ may act again and USDJPY par may start slowing down.

The bulls are getting nervous on USDJPY as BoJ once again repeats potential intervention on the FX markets because of weak JPY which is not good for imports. Technically, we see pair trapped in a wave four consolidation which can be a flat or a triangle as first leg A and then B unfolded in three legs. As such, we still think that the current price move in 141-145 range is a correction that belongs to an ongoing uptrend. We see a nice important level around 148, especially if we consider levels back in 1998. That said, we believe that USDJPY is in some very late stages of a recent recovery, but short-term structure not showing a top yet!

USDJPY approaching BIG 148 Intervention level Monthly Chart
USDJPY Monthly Chart

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