Funded Trader Program

Do you have what it takes to be successful in trading?

Are your profitable but don’t have money to manage, or you just don’t want to risk your own capital?

If your answer to the question above is YES then this program can be for you.

Friends at ForexAnalytix prepared a special and unique Traders Funding Program for people like you.

The funded trader program is online trading on a demo account where traders can prove their trading skills on different account size. If they are successful based on specific rules then traders will be funded on a real trading account and make money from the profits.

Funded trader programs have different tiers, different sizes, that may also depend on a traders style and its comfort zone. Keep in mind this is not only funded forex trader program, but you can also trade cryptocurrencies, stocks, index, gold, silver, and oil as well.

To participate a specific fee has to be paid, which depends on account size. The goal on a demo account is to reach the 10%, in no time limit! However, there are some important rules that trader has to follow.

Why choose our Funded trader program?

This is one of the best funded traders programs available. It has been developed for traders who know how to trade and be successful, but they do not have access to the capital/ larger amounts, which is needed to trade actively with a small size, but still allowing you to make good money for your needs. More importantly, the goal of this program is also the educational part and experience; how it feels when you are trading live and managing money for someone else. It’s an important psychological and mental factor that not everyone can pass. So to help you, you will also have access to FA services, market research and a chat room.

  1. Pay fee and start trading on a demo account.
  2. Reach 10% profit goal.
  3. Get funded on a live account and collect 75% profits (or 90% if you have purchased 90/10 add-on)

Available account sizes and Purchase Price

Add-ons (extras): ) 1. trade on the weekends (+10%) 2. 90/10 share of gains (+20%)

And that’s not all! During your program, you will get access to (per request), for a certain period of time.

To get access to our Elliott Wave charts and full coverage of analysis, please send us an email request to, after you will apply for a funding program.

Let us know if you have any questions.


    “Do not trade your money, trade others money and receive 75% of the profit. “


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