Elliott Wave: Can Resistance On Gold and Crude Send Stocks Higher? (Video)
Feb 28, 2022


Hope you had some nice and relaxing weekend, away from the charts, but most likely not away from the media which has been full of news regarding Russia and Ukraine. (Gold and crude Elliott wave Video)

EU and US are coming out with new sanctions, and it appears that SWIFT block can be one really important and big issue for Russia as they could not then do the business abroad. However, blocking Russia from SWIFT has already been in talks back in 2014 but SWIFT private company rejected the sanction. If would be the same this time, and if there are some positive news from Russia-Ukraine negotiators, then this may help markets to stabilize a bit. From an Elliott Wave perspective, we see strogn resistance on gold and crude, which could be positive for stocks and possibly even USDJPY.

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