Elliott Wave Analysis And Correlation Between OIL and CADJPY – Part 2Oct 11, 2021

Hello traders and investors! In this article we want to update our previous CADJPY chart, where we mentioned and highlighted a completed W-X-Y correction and bullish reversal. For previous article CLICK HERE

As you can see, CADJPY is trading nicely and impulsively bullish as expected long time ago and the main reason is also a rally on Crude oil . We see room for more gains within an extended wave »v« of 3 which can push the price even up to 92-93 area or higher, just watch out for a pullback in subwave (iv) of »v« or higher degree wave 4, as we see it approaching June highs.

Be humble and trade smart!

Elliott Wave Analysis: CADJPY Remains Bullish – Update by ew-forecast on

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